Pedalboard with TS-9 (Image by Author)

Analog is king in the world of guitar effects, but digital modelling has come a long way to replicate it. Detailed circuit analysis and mathematical equations can recreate the sound of many of these devices, from tube amplifiers to overdrive circuits to spring reverb. …

This article answers some commonly asked questions about the modelling methods in GuitarML’s projects and demonstrates the results of several amp/pedal captures. The limitations of these techniques are also explained.
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What is GuitarML?

GuitarML is an open source, community driven project that uses machine…

Image by Author

We will revisit the LSTM for our last neural net model. This time we will use the stateful version and make use of its recurrent internal state to model the Blackstar HT40 guitar amplifier.

For a quick refresher; LSTMs (Long Short-Term Memory) are a type of recurrent neural network commonly…

Keith Bloemer

Engineer, Software developer, Musician, Family man

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