GuitarML FAQ

What is GuitarML?

How does the modelling process work?

(Image by Author)

How good do the captures sound compared to the real amp/pedal?

Little Big Muff Distortion/Fuzz/Sustain pedal
Little Big Muff Pedal
Dumble ODS Clone (from kit)
Dumble ODS Clone (from kit)
Xotic SP Compressor Pedal
Xotic SP Compressor

What are some limitations?

Why aren’t all models compatible with every plugin?

Model trade study (higher score is better)

The training code throws an error when trying to read my sample input/output wav files.

What is Google Colab and how can I use it to create GuitarML models?

Example screenshot for using the SmartAmpPro colab script

Plugin Specific Questions



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